Former Student Troy Durr Shines Light on Lobsters!

Troy Durr, a BOLD Realtor®, Agent Rising Alum shares an encouraging business success story that came out of the pandemic!

My takeaways: 1-serve your community and the rest will follow.

2- be nimble when faced with opposition

3- never can have too many 'best friends'!

His business model is on their way to South Shore (@southshorerealtors) and is down Cape Cod (@capeandislandassociationofrealtors).

Are you watching weekly show ReaLAWstate with Patti and Kate on BOLD Real Estate facebook page Sundays at…

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Video Ninja Training at RASEM!

Hello friends! You were awesome today! Please enjoy our coursework today!

For all your questions, please reach out to me!

Kate Lanagan MacGregor


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Who is a Typical Realtor?

Scorecard bookWhat makes a Typical Realtor?  The National Association of Realtors  (NAR), just published a 2014 Member Profile Report.    The "Typical Realtor":  Has a Median Gross Income of $47,700

    Sales Volume:  %1.8 Million

Transactions: 12

What types of Transactions?Forty-six % of residential brokerage specialists had a transaction involving a foreclosure and 42% had a transaction involving  a short saleTwenty-two % of residential brokerage specialists had at least one commercial transaction si…

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Giving Thanks!

Agent RisingGiving Thanks!  Thanksgiving is that time of year when we think back over our year and give thanks for the many blessings in our life.  Our lives may be busy and stressful, but we many times hear stories of someone who is struggling in their life and it makes us realize how lucky we really are.  There is always someone who is in a worse situation than we are and this helps to put our lives in perspective and maybe gives us a chance to help someone else out.

Thanksgiving is a great time to help ou…

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Bold Moves Real Estate Ice Bucket Challenge!


Bold Moves Real Estate joined the ranks of those who have taken the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.  Led by Kate Lanagan MacGregor, realtors from Bold Moves Real Estate as well as other local real estate companies took the challenge together.  Realtors work together to help make your house dreams come true just as they worked together to raise money for ALS.

The ultimate goal as a real estate agent is to help your client buy or sell a home and guide them t…

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Real Estate Trends for 2014!

Where will real estate take us this year?  Experts from the Urban Land Institute unveiled their view of how the rest of the recovery will play out in their Emerging trends in Real Estate report, released this week at the land use and planning nonprofit's annual conference in Chicago,

The Millennial generation isn't forming new households, and they're not buying as many homes as their parent's generation.

Real estate recovery still hinges on job growth.  The slow pace of job growth as well as incom…

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What Are Buyers Really Looking For?

What are buyers really looking for in a house?  Of course, there are the staples we all think of, first and foremost being location, location, location.

There are also a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms, maybe an open floor plan or granite countertops,  and the price is always a deciding factor, but there are other factors that clients may not even be aware of.

Is the house a true fit?  Many buyers subconsciously either love a  house, hate it, or are indifferent.  It could be associated wi…

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Destination Southcoast!

Destination Southcoast will be hosting a business to business networking event  on Tuesday, July 22nd from 6:00 -8:00 PM at 145 Fairhaven Rd. Mattapoisett.

Bring your business cards and be prepared to network with other local business owners!

Contact Destination SouthCoast to RSVP  508-997-8844 or email

Destination SouthCoast is your Hyperlocal Directory for Businesses on the SouthCoast featuring Live Original Video Endorsements!

 Love Them?  Tell Us!

Only Destination SouthCoast ha…

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