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Workshop Tuesday 6 PM- NO Money? NO Problem!


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Workshop: "No Money? No Problem!

In the world of real estate, the traditional practices have been perceived to  often revolve around the needs and policies of brokers and agents. However, a paradigm shift is underway towards a consumer-centric approach. This change is necessary to ensure that both sellers and buyers are represented in a manner that prioritizes their needs and interests. Welcome to the workshop on "No Money? No Problem!"  Tuesday night at 6 pm, where we explore this e…

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South Shore Realtors® Fair Housing! RE19RC12

South Shore REALTORS® hosted a Fair Housing Event, with Continuing Education followed by  a Panel. What a great group of REALTORS®  joined for Continuing Education (which I co-taught with Peter Ruffini!) Please enjoy this resource!

Check out the links for additional information, including the 'word list'!

Please reach out with any questions!



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RE03RC08~ Real Estate Laws and Regulations~aka Avoid Real Estate Jail!

Northeast Association of REALTORS®, Berkshire County Association of REALTORS® and the Cape and Islands Association of REALTORS® joined forces to attract 270+ of their members together for RE03RC08. Loving the commitment to excellence of our REALTOR® Professionals throughout the state! Special shout out to the teams at the Boards for help make these trainings possible! They are so committed to their amazing members!

Missed this one? This is part of Agent Rising Continuing Education Anytime learnin…

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Prepare for a spectacular, prosperous 2020!

Representing Investors and Become one Yourself! Learn and Practice Financial Wellness and Freedom!

















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