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Monthly Mortgage Rates Creeping Up?


mortgage rate increasesWhen you signed the papers on your fixed-rate mortgage, you likely thought you were committing to a set payment for the life of the loan. Unfortunately, even if you intentionally steered clear of adjustable-rate mortgages and you tried to stay true to the monthly mortgage payment your budget would allow, you could still be in for a price creep.

Before this information sends you into a doomsday spiral, read on. Knowing the reasons behind a possible uptick in your mortgage payment can help you pla…

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Housing Market Indicators!


6 Recent Key Stats to Gauge the Market

Here's a look at six main indicators from NAR's latest housing report:
1. Home prices: The median existing-home price for all housing types was $234,000 in July - 5.6 percent above a year ago. "Despite the strong growth in sales since this spring, declining affordability could begin to slowly dampen demand," says Yun. "REALTORS® in some markets reported slower foot traffic in July in part because of low inventory and concerns about the con…

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Real Reasons Buyers Hate Your Listing!

For Real Estate Professionals
Agent Rising
June 11th, 2015

1. The “Reasonably” Scary Price

Your seller might be overpricing for all kinds of …

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June Sales Strong

Southeastern Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®Monday Morning REALTOR
Keeping You Connectedhome sales, Agent Rising
June Strong for Sales and Selling Price

New data from NAR shows that existing-home sales in June hit their highest pace in over eight years. At the same time, the national median sales price hit an all-time high. All major regions experienced sales gains in June and have now risen above year-over-year levels for six consecutive months.


Total existing-home sales increased 3.2 percent and are…

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Student Reviews- Meet Clifton Lopes

Student reviews are such a better way to hear and see what we are all about! Please watch Clifton Lopes share as he wraps up his 40 hour pre-licensing class.

Some highlights that Clifton mentioned were:

Flexibility- he had a full time job AND his second child while completing his course work.

Immersion- he took advantage of BOLD Moves Real Estate sales meetings, tours, and even our Christmas Party!

Assessibility- we frequently connected with Clifton through his time.


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Make the Most of your Kitchen Remodel!

10 Tips to Avoid Getting Burned by a Kitchen Remodel

By |

- See more at: remodel, Agent Rising Before you take the hammer to your old kitchen, read these 10 tips to avoid getting burned on a kitchen remodel.


Rent or Buy?

Not sure if you should rent or buy? We can help you do the math — and make the right decision. Compa…

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Homeowners Re-Entering Housing Market!

1.5 Million Homeowners Could Re-Enter Housing Market in Next 3 Years

 According to a new study from TransUnion, more than 1.5 million homebuyers negatively impacted by the financial crisis could potentially re-enter the mortgage market in the next three years. This population of consumers negatively impacted by the financial crisis – commonly known as boomerang buyers – was defined by Tran…

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Market in a Minute!

Elise Bare via 

2:27 PM (19 hours ago)
For the Week Ending June 12, 2015


Please enjoy this quick update on what happened this week in the housing and financial markets.

Rates have moved incrementally to push 2015 highs. Activity in the European bond markets and strong economic news at home are contributing factors.
June's Employment Situation Report shows employment and wage gains. Job and income …

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Safety Tips for Property Tours!

For Real Estate Professionals
Jovan Hackley
June 8th, 2015
From what we’re hearing, business is good. You’re getting slammed with calls, e-mails, and inquiries that have you (property) touring like a celebrity. Unfortunately, sometimes when caught up in the positive hum of buyer and seller interest, it’s easy to forget that the real estate business has its risks.Here are seven reminders and tips from agents like you to h…

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