Starting a Buyer Relationship

imageIt's now time to take those leads you have generated and start to turn them into actual customers. Invite a potential buyer into the office to meet with you. This simple invite can go a long way in measuring their level of interest. If they are reluctant to take the time to meet with you in person, they may simply be curious about the market and not really ready to buy. That's okay, you can remain their resource for industry information until they are ready.

When you do meet with a buyer, yo…

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Politics Play a Part

politicsThe real estate profession definitely has a political side. The right to own/sell/buy real property is covered by local, state and national laws and has many tax implications. It is to your advantage to be aware of as many of these as you can and to get involved when it is needed. One of the ways to do this, is to be a part of a Realtor association which often has whole departments involved in political advocacy. It is their job to alert you to the important issues and direct you to the needed …

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Expanding Your Database at Open Houses

imageAnother simple way to add to your database is to create relationships at open houses. There are many reasons why someone attends an open house. They may be interested in that particular property, or they may simply be trying to get an idea of the current market or the neighborhood. Whatever reason brings them there, they are definitely interested in real estate and you should try to establish a professional relationship with them before they slip away.

Introduce yourself to everyone who walks in …

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Ethics are Everything

ethicsIf you are a Realtor, not just a real estate agent, then you should be very aware of the Realtor Code of Ethics - in fact you should have taken a whole class in ethics when you joined your local Realtor association. But ethical behavior applies to all real estate agents and you must make sure that your words and actions are ethical at all times. How do you do that?
Be honest with all parties in the transaction.
Put your clients first - before your commission.
Disclose, disclose, disclose.

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Brand your Facebook Page

-Optimal size 160 x 160 pixels
-Pictures are better than text
-Optimal size 851 x 315 pixels
-Restrictions- NO price or purchase info
-NO "like" or "share" language
-NO calls to action
-NO contact info
-Promote business events
-Highlight what you do
-highlight your location
-spotlight your team
-promote your product
-spotlight your clients or customers
-link your personal facebook page to your business page

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Buying a Home in the Coming Year?

Agent risingAre you thinking of buying a new home in the next year?  Here are some tips to keep you on track.  The year before you buy a new home is a very stressful time. This is a major decision and a life-changing event.

You should be looking into what kind of loan you will be using with your bank or mortgage company and  getting a pre-approval, so you will know what you can afford and what price range you will be looking in.

A lender is always looking for stability, so switching jobs or changing banks can…

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Working with a New Buyer

Agent RisingYou have a new buyer who may or may not be serious about looking for a new houseYou are not sure if they are a "ripe apple" per say.  You'd like to make an appt. to meet with them to discuss this further.  If they are reluctant to take the time to meet with you in person, they may simply be curious about the market and not really ready to buy.  That's okay, you can remain their resource for industry information until they are ready.

When you do meet with a buyer, you have to be ready with a bu…

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Closing Gifts!

DSC_0448_cleanWhat to give for a closing gift for your home buyers?  It's always a challenge.  You'd like to give something thoughtful, but also useful for your clients.  Also, something to help them remember you for future referrals is always nice.

Gift cards are always a good idea for your buyers as well as your sellers.  People are exhausted after moving in, and a gift card to a local restaurant would be a nice gift.  There is also the gift card to a local store to help furnish or update their new home.


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Earthquake Shakes up Southeastern Massachusetts

bold moves real estate buildingA 2.4 magnitude earthquake shook Southeastern Massachusetts on Tuesday evening around 6 pm. The epicenter was located near Bliss Corner in Dartmouth. The tremors were felt in New Bedford, Fairhaven, Acushnet, Rochester, and Mattapoisett. Many reported feeling a loud boom as if their furnace had exploded. Most people wondered what it was. Many felt it could have been an accident outside.

There were no reports of any injuries or damage. Since the earthquake was relatively shallow it was fel…

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Lead Generation

leadRemember, time spent now on lead generation will come back to you in successful sales in the future.

Let's get started!

You should now have a database that includes literally everyone you know.  Real estate is a relationship business and your focus should be to start developing these contacts into relationships. Everyone from your actual relatives to your acquaintances needs to hear that you are thinking of them in a personal way and that you are readily available to help them as a professional re…

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