Lead Generation

leadRemember, time spent now on lead generation will come back to you in successful sales in the future.

Let's get started!

You should now have a database that includes literally everyone you know.  Real estate is a relationship business and your focus should be to start developing these contacts into relationships. Everyone from your actual relatives to your acquaintances needs to hear that you are thinking of them in a personal way and that you are readily available to help them as a professional real estate agent.

How?   While technology has made communication faster and easier, it has not made it more personal.  You need to make an impression that will last by surprising your contacts with a sincere, personal note in which you thank them for something they have done or congratulated them on a recent accomplishment. And, just as sincerely, you end your note by saying that if there is ever anything that you can do for them either personally or professionally, you are always available.  Don't forget to include your business card!

Think about what will happen when your note is received.  It won't be thrown out with the junk mail because it doesn't look like junk mail.  It will be opened and read because the receiver wants to know why you took the time to write them a note.  You will make them feel good because in your note you are thanking or congratulating them - you noticed!  They now know that you are a Real Estate Professional because you included your business card.  Mission accomplished!

Make a communication plan look at your time, focus and energy and decide how many personal notes you should send out from your database every work day.  Be realistic, but don't give yourself too much of a break - this is important.  (Days off are necessary to stay happy and healthy!) Decide on when is the best time for you to do this  - in the morning over coffee, while you are covering the phones at the office, or maybe during a quiet time in the evening.

Once you have decided on a number and a time, this is your plan - schedule it on your calendar and do it!  Review your plan periodically.  Does it need adjusting?  What have you accomplished?  How do you   feel?  You have made huge step in jump starting your career in real estate!



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