ScholarSHARE Program

Free Real Estate course awarded monthly! 





This Month’s Applications Close on the 15th

Earn a Free Online Course

Have you always wanted to go into Real Estate but didn’t know what steps to take to get there or faced obstacles that prevented you from pursuing your goal? We select a deserving winner every month to take the SOAR Online Real Estate Class for FREE, valued at $350. This scholarship is awarded each month. You can reapply if not selected for the current month.

How to Apply


To apply for the program please submit your application, to SHARE your story by 15th of each month.


You will be notified by the first of the month and be provided with next steps regarding how to get started.


Complete the course, pass your test, get ready to SOAR and start your career as a real estate professional!


What would bring you the greatest happiness from receiving the ScholarSHARE?


    “Education is very important to me. Education is empowering. The more I know, the more I can earn. I would also be helping people with their dream – the American dream of homeownership.”


    “My hope of receiving the ScholarSHARE is that I can take and concentrate on this course, free of any stressors related to financial burdens at this time in my life. This in itself would bring me great happiness.”


    “Knowing it’s difficult for me to pay for real estate courses, receiving this scholarshare would help me obtain my license and move forward with my family knowing I can support them with a career I’ve always wanted.”


Tell your Story!

Be prepared to share your story during the course on SOAR Facebook Group! Inspire and challenge others!