Frequently asked questions and answers 





How much is the course?

The cost of the online course is $350. Materials are sold separately for approximately $78  plus shipping for books if ordered through Dearborn.  

What materials will I need?

Please click here for a list of student materials.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The Salesperson and Broker course at 40 hours. With our online course, you can go at your own speed. We do recommend that you don’t take longer than 8 weeks to complete to keep all the information fresh in your mind. There is an approximately20-25 business day turnaround at this time with PSI. We are currently offering RISE Agent Training  for FREE as a bonus to keep you learning!

Where do I get the Syllabus and Tracker?

Click here to download pdf.

If you want google or microsoft spreadsheet, click here

What are the steps after I pay?

When you submit your payment you will receive an email from Agent Rising.  Book your one on one visit with a trainer to help guide you through!This is where you will learn about access to the ‘showcase’ and other tools Bookmark this page for future reference! Once completed you will be directed to a link that will walk you step by step on how to get your materials and where to go from there. 

My computer is not asking for a login. Am I getting credit?

Yes, your progress is being ‘tracked’! Your computer has ‘cookies’, which may be set in your settings to remember passwords, so you cruise right in! Our program tracks every second you are on, and how long you spend on each slide.


What's the difference between MASS and NA?

The General part of the exam is in the Dearborn yellow book. They call their segments Units, so on your showcase, you see a yellow corner, and it reflects the Unit number identified in the book.  We also identify them as NA., for National. The State Portion is in your Dearborn red book. We call these segments MASS, so on your showcase, you see a red corner, and it reflects the Unit number identified in the book.

Modules are content batching we utilize to correspond with the state outline of the exam, and we use these for our live zoom calls

I don't know what QBank is or how to get there?

Quiz Bank is a tool provided by Dearborn, the author of the books you use. One of the first showcases is on how to start the quiz bank. This is a phenomenal tool, so don’t overlook it! Quizbank

I can't remember my password!

Passwords are so stressful, aren't they?! You have a password you select for Quiz Bank, and the password we provide you with for showcase. The showcase is always the same! It is noted on your welcome page as well!

What can I access through my iPhone?

You can access everything from your phone! We recommend you immerse yourself in the program, so engage as much as you can!


Is there anywhere to see what SHOWCASE sessions I have completed?

You should be tracking on your tracker. Part of your new profession is your personal accountability! Your pdf and excel version of your tracker will be arriving by email. If you feel you are missing any we can check to see what you have completed and send you a report easy breezy!

What is the ScholarSHARE program?

Every month Agent Rising will be giving away one online course for free. Tell us your story and let us know what you hope you will get from the Agent Rising course. The recipients will SHARE their story and progress with us all on Facebook SOAR Group.


Where is the glossary for the online course?

The glossary for the online course it the glossary in the back of your Dearborn textbook. Here are flashcards for you as well! A slide deck is provided at the bottom of the page under “Real Estate Course”.

Is there any order I should watch the showcase?

You should go in the order they are listed on the website! This order corresponds with the Modern Real Estate Book, and then we match the state content to coordinate your topics!

I am taking the Broker Course. What additional coursework do I have

We have special Broker Content for you on your Broker Page. We are constantly adding value to enhance your business readiness as well. Don't forget for this limited time, we are offering RISE Agent Training for free!

Where can I get a link for the quiz bank?

Click here for the link and select register for my free quiz bank.

When the LIVE Webinars and showcase are completed must I have them stamped by you in person?

As you complete each webinar and showcase, you should record on your tracker. These are for you to keep and track your progress. We can also see on our back end your progress. The candidate book that you submit to the testing center does have to be completed and this is what we stamp. No need for you to come here we can send it to you via email or snail mail!


Where is the calendar for the LIVE sessions?

Right on the websitewww.agentrising.com! calendar! You can also access under LIVE webinars. We are live at 508-728-3648 Monday- Friday from 7-7 to answer your questions.  You can watch and learn whenever you can. 

Can I accelerate my LIVE hours?What if I can't attend your LIVE hours?

We understand that everyone has different schedules. When you need additional LIVE hours, go to the "Contact Agent Rising' form and select "booking live hours". We can usually accommodate Independent Live hours, where you watchLIVE zoom replays. It is proctored, and we are 'there' with you on standby. Follow the guidelines to ensure your hours count!

I hear there is a delay in getting approved to get a test date. Can you stamp my certificate early so I can start the process?

When we stamp your certificate, it is certifying that you have completed 40 hours. We cannot stamp it early, but will make every effort to fast track your hours. You can download the most updated Candidate Information BulletinHere!

I am so nervous about MATH! What do you remcommend I do?

Many people fear math! We get that a lot! Remember, there are only 8-10 Math involved questions on the exam, so even if you get them ALL wrong, you can pass your exam. Here is the Math One Sheet, with all of the formulas! Memorize these just as you would your vocab words! Hereis our link for the basic math as well!

My license is inactive! How do I go about reactivating it?

Welcome back! The first step is to satisfy your continuing education. Once that is done, you send in this form

My License is EXPIRED! What steps do I need to practice again?

First step is satisfying the Continuing Education requirement. Next, you complete and send inthis form.