Politics Play a Part

politicsThe real estate profession definitely has a political side. The right to own/sell/buy real property is covered by local, state and national laws and has many tax implications. It is to your advantage to be aware of as many of these as you can and to get involved when it is needed. One of the ways to do this, is to be a part of a Realtor association which often has whole departments involved in political advocacy. It is their job to alert you to the important issues and direct you to the needed action. It is your job to keep up on what the important issues are and to do what needs to be done. Whether it means advocating for or against a particular policy, getting the message out to your clients, or making sure to vote or attending a town meeting, each real estate professional needs to participate. From the national mortgage interest deduction, to the change in a local zoning bylaw, or the addition of a new tax at the time of transfer of property, issues that can have an impact on how you do business are important to you.

Find your political/legal resources - go to www.realtor.org and see what Realtor membership has to offer. Check out your local and state Realtor associations websites as well. Research real estate blogs, journals and websites and try one or two that look interesting to you. Sign up on your local towns' websites to get email alerts or read up on the agendas of town meetings. Don't sit back and assume that someone else will stand up for or against an issue, be the one to stand up and encourage others to do so as well.



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