Closing Gifts!

DSC_0448_cleanWhat to give for a closing gift for your home buyers?  It's always a challenge.  You'd like to give something thoughtful, but also useful for your clients.  Also, something to help them remember you for future referrals is always nice.

Gift cards are always a good idea for your buyers as well as your sellers.  People are exhausted after moving in, and a gift card to a local restaurant would be a nice gift.  There is also the gift card to a local store to help furnish or update their new home.

Gift baskets with wine and cheese are always nice as well as other useful snacks or items they could use in their new home.

Local gifts are always a hit, such as prints or paintings of scenes in their new hometown or tiles and coasters with local spots.

Another idea is to have a local restaurant deliver a pizza dinner on the night they move in.  This is a great idea for tired parents and a hit with the kids.

Also, notecards or just moved postcards are very useful for the new homebuyers or sellers.   You can find these at They have a terrific assortment to purchase.

Homemade desserts and treats are also a great addition to any closing gift.

Whatever you choose, make sure you wrap it up nicely with a card showing your appreciation for their business and friendship. We are always making new relationships and friendships with every transaction.

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