Confessions of an 'Agent Rising'!

How to get more fans on your Facebook Page

 Agent Rising~Online Real Estate TrainingWhy do you want as many fans as possible?
- More fans=more traffic to your website
- Social proof- the more likes you have, the more likely people are going to like your page
- Viral visibility- The more your fans engage the more their friends see your page in the news feeds
-Link your page to your profile
-Add a like box to your website
     - Allows people who are already interested in your business to become facebook fans
     - Go to to quic…

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Measuring Your Facebook Page


-Measuring occurs over a period of time -Spot trends, behaviors, reactions early -Measure engagement, click activity, demographics, financial return

FACEBOOK INSIGHTS -Analyzes activity on your page -Helps you see who is using your page and how -Total Likes -Total Reach-#of people who have seen content of your page in the last 7 days -Friends of fans -People Talking About This- # of people who have mentioned your page in the last 7 days -Fan Demographics- Info people p…

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How do you Create a Video Tutorial

How do create a video tutorial!

Well, watch this video tutorial and see what they say:


This is one example; we will be following up with our own video tutorial next week!

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