Score BIG with Scorecards

Agent Rising ScorecardsOK... you have been receiving or reviewing our scorecards and may be wondering

why we chose this as our method of communicating with you. Why scorecards?

We want to deliver a message~ quickly, succinctly and in one sitting!

Scorecards are brief and to the point.

We want you to be able to reference them by category or topic.

Scorecards are categorized for you; i.e. iPad training, Sales Training, etc.

We want you to have a hard copy and also be able to easily access them

from your iPhone or tablet. Quick…

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Expanding Your Database in the Office

technology agent rising online training for realtorsExpanding your database should be an "all the time" activity. You should be working on growing it all the time!Whether it is called floor time, up time or anything else, time spent in your real estate office can be time well spent, but only you can make it that way. Each phone call or walk-in about a listing is an opportunity for you! The key is to be prepared to ask the right questions. The more you can find out about that individual, the better. You have to be comfortable asking questions sinc…

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Kate Lanagan MacGregor speaks of Agent Rising

Please watch Agent Rising Video to learn of our mission:


We want you to be the best, most up to date Real Estate Professional possible.

Learning entails:
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Results
  • Time Management
  • IPad Training
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Niche/Specialization
  • Website Marketing.
Rise with US!

Use your sidebar to sign up NOW!


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Beyond BOLD Newsletter~ Did you get your copy?!

Dear Kate,
'Beyond Bold' Founders Kate and Craig
Time to catch up!

I want to let you know about some wonderful opportunities and developments in the whole Real Estate Arena! What an exciting time to be involved in the Real Estate business, whether by helping you list or buy a home, involving you in our media co-venture, or helping you tackle iPads and Web Development. We are there, with our fingers on the pulse of the industry.…

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Develop a Taste for Technology

tech gadgetsEven new agents can find themselves with not enough time on their hands to do everything that needs to be done. In their case it isn't because they have so many clients, it's because they are doing everything themselves, step by step. This is where technology comes in and can actually become your unpaid assistant - although there may be some cost involved. For Realtors, earning the ePro designation is a great way to get you up to speed. But, everyone can learn if they start slowly with the basic…

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Kate Lanagan MacGregor shares Agent Rising Introduction

6 Steps to Mindset Readiness~

  "It's an inside job!"

In preparing for Agent Rising tools,

Kate shares her suggestions to your approach to Rise to the Top!


The 6 Steps to Mindset Readiness

1. Practice Abundance in All that You Do.

2. Actively be in Service.

3. Do goo things with no expectation of outcome.

4. Express Specific Gratitude.

5. Deliberately practice patienceand understanding.

6. Be Kind. Show and Express your Lov…

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How to get more fans on your Facebook Page

 Agent Rising~Online Real Estate TrainingWhy do you want as many fans as possible?
- More fans=more traffic to your website
- Social proof- the more likes you have, the more likely people are going to like your page
- Viral visibility- The more your fans engage the more their friends see your page in the news feeds
-Link your page to your profile
-Add a like box to your website
     - Allows people who are already interested in your business to become facebook fans
     - Go to to quic…

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Measuring Your Facebook Page


-Measuring occurs over a period of time -Spot trends, behaviors, reactions early -Measure engagement, click activity, demographics, financial return

FACEBOOK INSIGHTS -Analyzes activity on your page -Helps you see who is using your page and how -Total Likes -Total Reach-#of people who have seen content of your page in the last 7 days -Friends of fans -People Talking About This- # of people who have mentioned your page in the last 7 days -Fan Demographics- Info people p…

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How do you Create a Video Tutorial

How do create a video tutorial!

Well, watch this video tutorial and see what they say:


This is one example; we will be following up with our own video tutorial next week!

Please join our free membership for being your best Real Estate Agent Ever!

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