How to get more fans on your Facebook Page

 Agent Rising~Online Real Estate TrainingWhy do you want as many fans as possible?
- More fans=more traffic to your website
- Social proof- the more likes you have, the more likely people are going to like your page
- Viral visibility- The more your fans engage the more their friends see your page in the news feeds
-Link your page to your profile
-Add a like box to your website
     - Allows people who are already interested in your business to become facebook fans
     - Go to to quickly grab code
- Make sure audience knows that you have a page
     - website, email signature, business cards, etc.
     - link you facebook page to your email signature
- Do a giveaway
     - Get more likes with a contest or giveaway
     - Make it simple- only requirement is that they have to like your page
     - Promote your giveaway on other sites to spread the word
     - Add a banner to your website to promote contest or giveaway
     - Make sure the prize connects with your business, because if it doesn't people might just be in it for the prize and have no interest in your business
     - Facebook rule- all contests and giveaways must be done through an app
- Be seen as much as possible, but where it really matters
- Guest blog to drive more traffic to facebook and your website
- Create more videos
- Be interviewed to get more exposure
Personally, facebook has been a business surprise for me!Kate Lanagan MacGregor Agent Rising Realtor Resource
I am surprised by the number of likes I get on some personal posts. 
When I broke my back in a car accident, it was the fastest,
most effective way to get the word out that I was okay,
and the response I got from my professional contacts was
simply astounding!  Facebook for me has been a way to
show the human side of me to my professional contacts.
Don't underestimate it's power!  
Please call me with any questions or feedback!
Kate LanaganMacGregor 508-728-3648.



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