Measuring Your Facebook Page


-Measuring occurs over a period of time -Spot trends, behaviors, reactions early -Measure engagement, click activity, demographics, financial return

FACEBOOK INSIGHTS -Analyzes activity on your page -Helps you see who is using your page and how -Total Likes -Total Reach-#of people who have seen content of your page in the last 7 days -Friends of fans -People Talking About This- # of people who have mentioned your page in the last 7 days -Fan Demographics- Info people provide in their profiles like age, gender, where they live etc.

REACH ANALYTICS -Organic- #of people who saw content from your page in their news feed or on your page -Viral- # of people who saw a story about this page published by a friend. Includes- liking your page, posting to your wall, commenting or sharing one of your posts -Paid- # of people who saw your facebook ad or promoted story -Page Views- # of times your page was seen each day during your selected date range -Unique Visitors- # of unique people who visited your page each day -Total Tab Views- # of time each of your tabs were viewed during your selected date range -External Referrers- # of times people arrived on your page from a URL that isn't part of facebook

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