100 Days to the HoliDAZE!


Listen To Kate Lanagan MacGregor, broker-owner of BOLD Moves Real Estate launch 100 Days to the HoliDAZE!  Do you need some inspiration to be the best person you can be? As of Monday, August 17th, there are 100 days to Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season.

Be committed to making every day count.  Write a thank-you note every day to someone who made a difference in your day.  Maybe someone performed some act of kindness or simply brightened your day in some way.  It can be a birthday card or anniversary.  Send one out everyday and see the results you receive.

Follow Kate on Periscope, #beawesome.  Watch her live video every morning at 6:00am with morning yoga and stretching.  It will be available for 24 hours if that's too early for you.

Visit www.boldday.com for more information on the BOLD Day Challenge and some inspiration.

This blog was posted on August 19, 2015 on www.boldday.com

100 Days to the HoliDAZE



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