Service Counts!

Agent RisingWhat do I mean by service counts. It all comes back to The Shine Vision. Living by vision is to be motivated by what could be, rather than held back by what is.

Rise Above Survival

Soar Past Success

Shine Beyond Significance

S- Serve Others

H- Honor Higher Purpose

I- Improve continually

N- Navigate by values

E- Excel in relationships (exceed expectations)

Align your thinking to "how I can help" rather than "what's in it for me" Practicing real estate takes a lot of work and patience before we see the fruits of our labor, but if we work with the vision of how you can help your clients realize their dream of owning or selling a home, the rewards will come to you. Whether it is in monetary value, the satisfaction of making new relationships, helping someone reach their goal, or even pitching in to help them with a job they are incapable of handling on their own. Volunteering on a daily basis, whether it's coaching your child's sports team, being a Cub Scout leader, helping at a local shelter all contribute to your sense of service and the rewards will follow. By exceeding others expectations, you will become a person they trust and want to work with and that leads to other referrals. Start with service and the rest will follow.

Please visit our website for more info and ways to make your service count.

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