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Confessions of an 'Agent Rising'!


For a very long time, I have been writing TONS of content for my classes.... creating, borrowing, repurposing, etc.

BUT! I have missed... musing.

Something happened this week that really gave me pause, and I realized it's time to start writing!

You see, I had an eye injury. I burst a blood vessel so much so that 5 days into it, the white of my eye is still 100% red.

My green eye looks fluorescent. 

I am hard to look at.

So, I have been isolating. 

Kamryn Willis-Dubois taught my class.

Heather McKay hosted my Open House.

Skipped the Riley's 4th of July Party (boo)!

So, I feel fine, I just look terrible. This is the opposite of many other times I hurt myself, but looked fine.

When I broke my back, for example, people expected me to be okay because I looked okay.

This time, when I feel great, people say "get some rest".

How very complicated communication is for us earthlings trying to sort, label, and group our fellow earthlings.

So... that's my confession today. 

I feel conflicted about outward appearances. This is the total reversal to the saying "Your outsides matching your insides."

Either way, it's a struggle.

How can we make this better?!




Theresa Cleveland

Feel better soon  : )

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Cindy Goulden

No better way than to get out there and perform regardless of a visual injury! A passing answer to inquiring eyes like, "broken blood vessels just can't keep me away!"; helps the person next to you follow along in comfort level and move on to the more important time at hand, whether that's business or pleasure.

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