Selling or Buying a Home During the Holidays

How do you sell or buy a home in the last two months of the year?   The holidays are  the time of year when we think of getting together with family and friends and hunkering down at home by a cozy fire.  Typically, the last two months of the year show less listings coming on the market and less buyers out there looking.

Sellers do not want to worry about showings during the busy holiday season and may think to wait until the New Year to put their home on the market.  Buyers are busy with the holidays and do not want to worry about moving during the holiday season.

All that being said, this time of year can also be a great time of year to buy or sell a home!  For sellers, homes always look cozy and warm dressed up for the holidays.  Less is more so the home looks cozy but not cluttered.  There may be less homes on the market so competition is up.  Holiday buyers are generally more serious.  There may be a specific situation that requires a move and they may have a time frame to find a house.

Buyers can also be reassured that sellers are also excited to sell their home.  If they weren't serious, they would be waiting until the first of the year to start the selling process.  There may be some reason, they need to sell as soon as they can.

So, don't worry about the end of the year market.  This can be a great time for buying and selling!

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This blog was posted on on November 6, 2018.




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