New ScholarSHARE Winners

Agent Rising Real Estate School is pleased to announce the winners of their ScholarSHARE Program.  The ScholarSHARE program was developed by Agent Rising Real Estate School to help students who may have a problem with tuition.  Students were advised to click on the ScholarSHARE link and tell us their story and how a real estate career would change their life.  Every month a new student was chosen to receive a free course.

Agent Rising then decided to propose a Summer Giveaway for the ScholarSHARE Program.  Ten lucky students will receive a free online real estate course after sharing their goals and how the program would affect and or change their lives.

Our lucky students chosen include:

Amanda C.

Christina F.

Wanda L.

Desiree V.

Chris G.

Philip W.

Kristina S.

Christina P.

Kim B.

Jessie D.

Stay tuned for more information on these students and their journey to becoming new real estate agents.  We will profile each student and help you get to know them better.

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What a great opportunity to start your real estate career!  Visit and see how you can apply.  Whether traditional classroom experience or online courses, Agent Rising has what you need to jump start your real estate career and prepare you for the real estate exam.  Check out our ScholarSHARE link and tell us your story.




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