What's New in Real Estate

What's new and trendy in real estate this year?

Generation X- those 33-37 are making up the biggest chunk of home buyers this year, followed by Generation Y- 32 and younger, followed by younger baby boomers and finishing it up with older baby boomers.

Clients are using their mobile devices to search for real estate more than ever.  They are comfortable using their smartphones and tablets for their real estate searches and information.  This way they are always connected and able to check on current real estate no matter where they are.

Paperless is the way to go! Transactions are staying online,  freeing up time and resources and apps such as Docusign make long distance signing quick and easy, saving travel time.

Inventory has been critically low but that could be changing.  As home prices rise, more sellers may be ready to put their homes on the market and know they will sell quickly if priced right.

Drones are the newest technology to add to the real estate scene.  While their popularity is rising, there are still laws governing their use and until these are ironed out, it may be better to err on the side of caution.

Micro apartments are popping up in large cities.  These are apartments that are less than 200 square feet.  These are particularly popular with younger consumers and college students and those with a lower income.

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