Recognize Opportunities in Padanaram


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"]Padanaram Harbor Beautiful Padanaram Harbor photographed by Dartmouth Police

Padanaram is the harbor side village in South Dartmouth that is out of the way for drivers but a prime place to live. It is beautiful, historic, and quaint with a great sense of community. Properties here have maintained value for the most part, but with the revitalization of its village center and the closing of its bridge until 2018 some interesting real estate considerations are coming into play.

Settled in the mid 1600s when it was purchased from the Wampanoags, Padanaram was a prime spot for boat building and for visiting sailors to reprovision. That stayed the same for people with pleasure boats until the village went into a slump about 20 years ago. It remained lovely but the village food market closed as did restaurants and a number of key boutiques that drew visitors.

Happily that has all changed as the next generation of business owners and investors have brought new life to the desirable location. For Real Estate this should bring a further boost in property values despite the inconvenience of Padanaram's bridge being closed for repairs until summer 2018.

Padanaram has always been a desirable  location for real estate investment. It is perhaps more so now with the revitalization of it's charming downtown. However the closing of the bridge might allow home buyers to find some deals if sellers see their homes not moving as quickly as usual. For sellers, it's the agent's job to remind buyers that the bridge closure is temporary and that with the village now a thriving place (plus further town planning for improvements) the long term projection is solid if not highly promising.




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