Agent Rising and Expanding Your Datatbase

Agent RisingExpanding your database should be an "all the time" activity. You should be working on growing it all the time!Whether it is called floor time, up time or anything else, time spent in your real estate office can be time well spent, but only you can make it that way. Each phone call or walk-in about a listing is an opportunity for you! The key is to be prepared to ask the right questions. The more you can find out about that individual, the better. You have to be comfortable asking questions sincerely so that the person does not feel that you are prying but that you are really trying to help.

Be careful not to judge anyone too quickly. That gruff, skeptical voice on the phone or that oddly dressed individual who walks in off the street could turn into a lifetime client, if you can connect with them in a short amount of time. They are looking for someone whom they can trust, and you want to be that person. Here is where you need to ask questions to find out what their needs are and then be ready to show them that you can meet their needs.

Prepare in advance for these situations - make a list of questions that you can ask either on the phone or in person, practice them with someone until they come to you naturally. Lead the potential client to the point where they are comfortable giving you their contact information so that you can be the person they think of when they need a real estate expert.
Spend time in the office - if you are assigned weekly floor time, this will be easy. If you feel you could use more time, then volunteer to take someone else's time. Make yourself available as much as possible.
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