Keep Your Buyers Pumped During Property Tours

buyersAs a sales professional, you know that keeping your clients positive, engaged, and energized while looking at properties is absolutely crucial for a successful property tour.


But property tours can make for long days. Clients get tired and distracted, which can lead to negative showings.


And then there’s the other stumbling block you can hit during the appointment: While driving between properties, your client sees one that’s not on the tour.


Suddenly, you’re calling the office, having someone track down the MLS listing for the property, trying to find and contact the realtor, etc, etc, etc.


There are two apps I use to help keep clients happy and eliminate the need to call back to the office:
  • Pandora | Music app: It might seem simple, but being able to access and play your client’s favorite music is an extremely powerful way to keep your clients positive and engaged. Use Pandora or the Music app to set up music to play while driving. Do some research before the appointment, figure out what they like, and have your iPad ready to go before heading out!
  • app: With the app, you can easily answer any questions about properties not on the tours. While driving, you can hand the iPad to your client and have them pull up the Realtor.comapp. The app will show properties around your current location. Your client can click the property they saw to pull up the MLS listing for it, look at pictures, and if they like it, all the information you need is right there. You’ll WOW your client, and save yourself the scramble and hassle of trying to find that information.
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