You are a real estate agent Not an Attorney

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lawyerReal Estate Transactions can be complicated enough.  Unless you actually are, you are not an attorney, an appraiser, a home inspector or any one of the myriad of professionals that may be involved in a real estate transaction.  So don't represent yourself as one.  It will come back to haunt you.  The trick you have to learn is to be the "source of the source" for any particular bit of information or advice that your buyer/seller needs that is outside your expertise as a real estate agent.  You can provide them with a web address, printout, or a list of professionals for them to contact to find out how the local schools are rated, what the crime rates are in the neighborhood, or the cost of putting on a new roof, but you are not qualified to actually give them the answer.  It is best to preface your statement with, "I am not a ____________ , but here is where you can find out that information."
Real Estate Agents draft  purchase and sale contracts and other legal documents.  It is always important to point out to your clients that you are not an attorney and it's in their best interest to have any documents they sign checked over by their attorney before they sign.
ALERT:  If your client needs another professional such as a plumber, electrician, appraiser or home inspector, you should give them a list of several names and let them choose.  It is not a good idea to recommend just one.  More than likely you will be blamed if your client is not happy with that professional.
Compile your list of sources - this may work best if you first compile a list of as many questions that you can think of that a buyer or seller might ask.  Next, determine the best source for the answer to that question.  Put this all together in whatever format works best for you, so that you have it at your fingertips when a client asks.
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