Make the Most of Your Open House!

What makes for a good Open House?   A great host or hostess of course and homemade treats.  Watch this video of Kate Lanagan MacGregor, broker/owner of BOLD Moves Real Estate.  She takes homemade apple cider and mulls it with spices to create a great treat for her Open House guests as well as a wonderful fall aroma throughout the house.  Pair it with some homemade goodies and you can make a great first impression showcasing the warmth and coziness of the home.

Professional staging is also a great idea for an Open House. Studies show that houses that are staged spend less time on the market.  Having the home staged and decluttered with show it in its best possible light.  Also make sure the windows are clean and there is plenty of lighting to make it seem light and airy.  Fresh flowers are always a great touch and add  a great fragrance and a warm feeling.

Advertise well and you should have many guests at your next Open House.

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