Maps App!

Maps AppAn invaluable App to use in real estate is the Maps App which comes on your iPad and iPhone, it’s like having your own GPS.

1.  Simply tap on the Maps Icon to open, In the upper right corner is a search box.  Tap on it and type in the address you are seeking. It will come up on a map with a pin showing your destination. You can make the map bigger or smaller by pinching your fingers on the screen.

2.  Then tap on Directions in the upper left corner and a box will open. Type in your present starting address and pick the car, person, or bus icon depending on the route you would like. If you tap on the car icon and then type in the destination address, and then route, a new map will come up with a choice of 1, 2 or 3 routes to your destination.

Tap on the route you choose and then tap start. The directions will come up on the top of your screen and you can scroll through them as you drive.

As you drive to your destination in your car, the arrow will show you moving along your route; it will give you verbal directions also if you have Siri enabled on your IPad or IPhone.  You can go back to the overview map by simply hitting the overview icon in the right top corner, hit resume in the upper right corner to resume your directions.

When you reach your destination, the box to enter your address will appear and you can hit the arrow to reverse the directions and get back home.

If you need to use your phone while enroute, you can simply press the home button and use your phone as you need.  The MAPS route you are following will stay as a bar on the top of the screen and you can tap it when you are ready to resume.

This is a great app to  guide to your real estate destinations easily without having to purchase an GPS, It’s very easy to use and will assure you’ll arrive in a timely manner at your desination.  It will tell you the approximate time it will take to travel and mileage.  A great help in your real estate career or everyday use.

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