Real Estate and Rain!

Real Estate and Rain, Agent RisingReal Estate and Rain!  Realtors love to show a house on a bright and sunny day.  The house looks great,  the rooms are nice and sunny and more buyers are out and about looking for the perfect home.

But what about a particularly rainy day?  Many buyers may not want to be out looking for a house on a rainy day, but it does have its advantages.  Instead of seeing the house in its best light, you can see how the house holds up on a cold and rainy day.  You can see how wet the cellar is.  Is there a sump pump and is it working? How does the water drain around the house?  Is there a river running down the yard or driveway?  Are the gutters working or do you get soaked when you stand near the doorway?  Is the yard underwater?

You can also check out the smells on a wet day.  Is it musty or damp?   Also it's a great time to check out the roof.  Are there any leaks coming in the attic?  Are there any stains on the ceilings?

You can also see how warm and cozy the interior looks on a cold, raw day.  Does the lighting make it bright and inviting or is it damp, drafty and dreary?  Stand near the windows and see if you can feel any drafts, especially on a windy day.

We've all experienced a dreary, rainy week but if you are a home buyer, it may be the perfect time to get out and look for your new home.  So take out your umbrella and see houses at their worst.  They will certainly be spectacular in good weather if they pass the rainy day test.

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