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This is a great app to use in conjunction with Evernote, the app allows you to capture and annotate images all from your iPad. Once installed it will create a folder in Evernote entitled ‘Skitch’. Use this app to help highlight an exciting feature of a home while you’re in the field that can be easily messaged to the buyer!

1.Tap on the Skitch App. When the app loads you can either: - Sign in with a password - Or opt to do it later

2. It gives you many choices to either, take a photo, choose a photo, draw on a map, start with blank or capture from web.

3. We’ll start with Draw on a map. Type in an address and press Search. It will drop a pin at the location you’ve entered Zoom in as close as you want with your fingers.

4. Press Snap.

5. On the right is the Toolbar Arrow- will drop in arrow of your color choice. Press arrow icon and then tap on the map where you want to put and arrow. Press and hold arrow, box will open to delete, cut or copy arrow

You can also write text: - Tap the A, and then tap the map - When the keyboard appears type the information that you want visible on the map - When finished simply tap the keyboard - again to close and your text box will appear on the map - If you’d like to move the placement of the text simply use your finger to re- adjust

Square- can add shapes: - Tap the square to open the feature - Choose your shape and then tap on the map where you would like it to go. Your shape appears. - To delete press and hold. Marker- can freehand write, Pick a marker to write.

6. Undo is located at the top of the screen to remove any mistakes.

7. Be sure to tap Save when you are done.

8. To hide the Toolbar when you are finished simply try if retapping will bring it back.

9. To Share or Email your Skitch tap the Share icon The same process can be used when choosing a photo, starting blank, or capturing from the web. Just follow the steps from above and soon your Skitches will be ready to e-mail or shared to the web!

To learn more about what you can do in Evernote be sure to check out more of our iPad Training tutorials!

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