Important Information for Buyers!

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What should you be telling your buyers before they  start the journey of home ownership?  Buyers will learn these lessons as they go through the house hunting process but in order to save them some heartache and you some time, it's better to educate them before you start the process.  Buyers will come into the process with lots of questions and some disbelief that they will actually become homeowners.  The whole process is fraught with anxiety.  This is one of the biggest decisions of their lives and they are unsure of  what they need to be doing.  How do they decide on an offer?  What should their down payment be?  What does the home inspection involve?   These are just a few of the questions they need answered.  Walk them through the whole transaction so they know what to expect at every step.  Answer all their questions and calm their fears.

Let them know what to expect and what will be expected of them. Tell them when they may need to take time off of work ahead of time and also what multiple offers involves and how to deal with a situation like that.  If they know what may happen at every step, they are more likely to trust you and appreciate you for the professional you are.

Help them in the thinking process when it comes time to put an offer in.  Remind them that multiple offers can be common and how to position themselves correctly.  Let them know that anxiety is a common emotion and how to deal with it.

Use data to back up your words.  If you  tell them that houses are flying off the market. be prepared to show them how long houses are staying on the market before they go under agreement and the difference between what they are asking and how much they usually get. Buyers like to see facts to back up your words.

The more you are honest with your clients and  answer all the questions in the beginning, the easier your experience will be.

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