Real Estate and Family- A Balancing Act!

Agent RisingReal estate and family.  It's a tough combination, but according to Realtor Magazine it's possible to control both.  It's essential to make time for family in your busy real estate career.  Whether you are a seasoned agent or a new one this can be a juggling act.  Time is a commodity when you are juggling property showings, listing appointments, prospecting for new business, working with existing clients as well as all the paperwork it takes to close a deal.  With all this activity on a daily basis, sometimes the family may feel a little neglected.

Here are some tips to help you manage.

You need to put your family first.  They are your number  one priority.

One of the biggest advantages of being a real estate agent is the flexible schedule.  Remember it's your schedule.  If an important family commitment comes up, schedule your appointments around it.  Most clients will understand and work with you.

Plan your week in advance.  Sit down and plan out your work appointments and family time at the beginning of the week.  This will help you waste less time and schedule time in with your family.

Don't forget about yourself.  Schedule in time for exercise and time for yourself.  You can combine your fitness with your family time and everyone will be in better health.

Schedule in family dinners and try to eat healthy.  Avoid fast food when you're on the go.  Instead try to bring along healthy alternatives for lunch and snacks.

Turn off your phone at suppertime and when doing activities with the family.  Pick a designated time to answer and catch up on your calls and turn off the phone at a specific time every night.  You need time to relax too.

Team up with another realtor in your office and have each other's back.  Cover for each other when family obligations arise.

Enjoy your work when you are working and enjoy family time when it's time to relax.  Taking care of yourself will make you a better realtor and also keep your family life on course.  One without the other would  seem empty. 

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