Agent Rising Real Estate School!


Agent Rising has just finished a pre-licensing course and has had great results.  Many of the participants have already passed their real estate exam  and many are poised to take their test.    Agent Rising offers a revolving class.  You can join at any time and 40 hours are required.  A new class will be starting soon. We also offer new agent training  and continuing education.   Do you want to be a broker?  We offer a 40- hour course for that too.   Whether you are comfortable learning with the new technology,  such as IPads or tablets or prefer the old-fashioned book learning, we have whatever fits your style with good old round-table discussions.    Stay tuned for more information when classes are starting and click and visit the website below.

Why become a real estate agent?  You can set your own schedule and be your own boss helping people buy or sell a home.

Visit for more information and  what it involves.

Agent Rising



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