The Importance of Home!

home the nicest word there is 100 days to boldnessHOME. As REALTORS®, we have a passion for HOME.

We just came home from National Association of REALTORS®,where we advocate for the value of home ownership.

As we flew home, we discussed how we appreciate our home; our family, our community, our oceans, farms, mountains, even seasons!

We spoke over the week of our ‘calling’ to help our friends, family and clients with their home sales and purchases.

We spoke of safety and risk while performing our jobs.

We lamented about always having our phones turned on and being torn by our multitasking; how fighting for homeownership for others wreaks havoc on our homes.

We committed to life balance with family, faith, friends and business.

So, here was my epiphany: I value “home”. I want others to have “home”. I could not wait to return “home”. NOW… let’s appreciate and enjoy HOME!

Enjoy and appreciate! Do not be so busy chasing that you miss what you have!


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