Showing Gratitude Attracts Clients!

importance-of-gratitudeWant to impress clients and earn their business? Show gratitude! A recent study by the American Marketing Association shows that Gratitude Marketing is the missing ingredient that makes the difference in customers choosing to use a business or not. Until now, Gratitude Marketing, which is also called Appreciation Marketing assumed that it was a combination of customer-business trust and commitment that accounted for how much money was earned from client loyalty. Not so, new research found. There was a gap in how much money that actually came in for businesses that were taking the time to thank their customers promptly, sincerely, and often. Those companies were earning more, and it was proven that Gratitude Marketing in addition to the traditional practices of earning trust and commitment was making the difference. What’s more, the way that a business showed its gratitude didn’t have to be expensive or showy. It just had to be sincere and perceived to be offered without any expectations.

A verbal thank you isn’t enough, nor is an email or a  phone call. What seems to work best for those who want to be economical yet leave a good impression is a simple handwritten card. Take the time to write something that shows you remember each client personally. Just as a general compliment (“you are doing a great job”) rings hollow, so does a thank you note that is not specific. Make a recommendation specific to their consumer needs if possible. Occasionally drop another note with an announcement of an upcoming event that might be of interest or a bit of advice that could help the client on their journey. This kind of Gratitude Marketing practice pays off in clients coming back and recommending you to others. 

The 100 Days to BOLDness Challenge really had me examining what it means to be BOLD in today’s business climate. It is about empowerment and enrichment. Gratitude Marketing can be the piece that is missing in your professional business plan.  As we leave our 100 Days, be prepared for a “BOLD day Challenge” involving a daily note habit. Thanksgiving and Christmas are great times to begin Gratitude Marketing. Let’s face it: most everyone has all the material items they need. Why not give them something they will never forget?! A personal beautiful note from you specifically stating why they are special and important to you.

Visit to construct your own Gratitude Marketing card. Even better, connect with to develop your strategic and comprehensive approach to marketing for 2015. Disclosure alert: I own these business ventures. As my Real Estate business grew, I felt a void in the products and services offered in other companies. This is a result of what I felt our industry needed, and I am now sharing with you. 

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