Winter Real Estate!

Agent RisingWinter Real Estate! What  does it mean?  Is it slow or busy?  According to Trulia, winter is a great time to sell a home.  According to a 2013 study the likelihood of selling a D.C. home within six months in the winter is 67%, while it's only 57% in summer and 60% in spring.

Many homeowners read the articles which tell them winter is the worst time to put their house on the market and decide to wait.  This leads to less houses on the market, which is actually a good situation when they  are trying to sell their house.  Less competition.

People who are looking in the winter to buy a house are generally more serious.  They are not perusing the Open Houses on a warm spring day looking for something to do.  There is less inventory so they need to choose from the limited houses out there.

Winter may be a tougher time to snap pictures but you can plan ahead and use summer photos of the house or use the cozy, warm interior of the house to your advantage, making it look like the place they would like to spend time in during the cold winter months.

Holiday decorations can also add to the warm feeling you are trying to portray.  A staged holiday house is always inviting.

So help your clients take the plunge in the winter.  It could be just the advantage they are looking for.

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