Realtor Safety Tips!

Realtor Safety Tips are very important today given the recent demise of an Arkansas realtor during a routine house showing.

As realtors we all need to take certain steps to keep ourselves safe.   We owe this to ourselves, our families, and our clients.

Here are some realtor safety tips!

1.  Always meet a new client at the office first.  This way you can have them sign the disclosure,  ask for a copy of their license, and fill out an information sheet and,  just get to know them before you show them a house.  If they refuse, this is a red flag.  You can tell them this is your office procedure and you are not able to show a house if you don't follow protocol.  If they still refuse, you probably don't want to work with them.

2.  If the house you are showing is isolated, you may want to bring another person with you.  Have your cell phone with you and keep the local police on speed dial at the touch of a button in case you need to call them.

3.  Always drive your own car and meet them there.  Park behind the client and lock your car.

4.  Always follow the buyer through the house and be aware of the exits.  You don't want to be trapped in a room.

5.  Inform the office of your showing and the time and have a code word to use on the phone in case you are uneasy and would like to have someone call the local police.  If uneasy, inform your client that the next showing will be arriving any minute or someone from your office will be joining you momentarily.

6.  Try to have an Open House with another agent so you are not alone in the house.  Leave your pocketbook and expensive jewelry locked in your car.   Make sure you have previewed the house beforehand so you know where all the exits are.  Make sure you check the rooms to make sure everyone has left.  Have everyone sign in as soon as they arrive.

Your clients should understand your need for safety and if they are unwilling to cooperate, they may not be someone you'd like to work with.

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