Real Estate Stress and Burnout!

Selling real estate is a very stressful job and there is quite a lot of burnout, but others love it and thrive on the craziness.  There is a pressure to perform and some sacrifice their personal and family lives for the job, but it doesn't have to be that way.  There is a way to create balance in the real estate career. People feel stressed when their obligations exceed their commitment level.

Here are some tips to help you manage stress.

One:  Know what you want personally.  You provide a service to your clients which in term helps support your personal life.  Everyone has a different vision and commitment level.  Think about what you want for your life and focus serving your clients the best you can  and forget the external standards.  Stay true to your commitment level and you will have less stress.

Two:  Train your clients to how you work.  Tell your clients up front how you work and you'll be amazed how they comply. Discuss how they may reach you and how you will return their calls.  If they don't know your boundaries, they'll assume you have none.

Three:  Control Your Time.    Availability is important to your clients and it is important to be responsive, but work smart.  Have a template of your day and what you'd like to accomplish.

Fourth:  Control your contact devices, phone, email etc.  Have a certain time to check your emails and phone messages and respond so that you are not checking and responding all day.  You can pick  a couple of time blocks a day to do this.  Also, turn them off after a certain time.  You need down time to spend with family and friends and be totally off.

Fifth:  Use all your devices to make you more efficient but don't be a slave to them.  A website will work for you even when you're not working.  Set time aside a couple of times a week to update or post a blog to keep it on the top of Google.  Your devices should work for you making you more efficient but should not be more time consuming.  That defeats their benefits.

Real estate can be stressful but with boundaries and systems in place it can be a great career.

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