Home Staging!

Home Staging is fast becoming a great way to sell a home!  Staged homes strategically sell much faster than non-staged homes.  It's a good idea to encourage your client to hire a professional home stager to get the best results but some clients may want to save money and do it themselves.  Here are some ideas!

Declutter,  Need I say more.  This makes a huge difference.  Less is better when it comes to your decor. Get rid of a couple pieces of furniture.  The house will look much bigger.

Pull furniture away from the walls to create cozy seating areas.  It will make the room seem larger and more flow in th room.

Repurpose a storage room into a cozy reading room with a couple of armchairs or a meditation room.

Lighting is a great way to make a room seem more warm and welcoming.  Increase the wattage in your bulbs and light up those dark corners.

Make a room seem bigger by painting it the same color as the adjacent room to give it a seamless look.  Also painting  the walls the same color as the drapes in a smaller room will make it look bigger.

Go for neutral colors on the walls but you don't have to stick to whites and off-whites.  There are many variations on tans and beiges and event light greens and blues which can showcase a room.

Bring some of the outdoors in for accessories.  Fresh flowers and greens always make for great staging on tables.  Think three.  Accessories look great in a triangular group of three.

Fix small repairs before you show the house.  This can set off red flags with your buyers.  Fix what you can before you show the house.

If you can't afford to fix up the kitchen, just replace the doors and hardware and paint it all the same color to give it a fresh look.  You may be able to change the panel on a dishwasher without buying a new one.

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