Command Your Brand for Less than a Grand!

Agent RisingWhat does this mean?  This is Agent Rising's 7 Strategies for Success for New Agents.

This includes Serve, Start, Systemize, Support, Stay, Strengthen, and  Sell!

Why are You Here/

In 2011, Massachusetts Association of Realtors completed a survey.

The results found were that a high number of Realtors left before a  three year period.

Many newer Realtors asked for more New Agent Training.

This resulted in a Strategic Pan for a Mentor Program with New Agent Training.

Every week we'll talk about one of the Seven Strategies for Success.  This will help you distinguish yourself in your marketplace with little or no experience NOW, all for less than one thousand dollars to start!

What do you want to do?  How are you going to do it?  Have a Purpose!

The first Strategy for Success is Serve!

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."  Mahatma Gandhi

How can you help in your niche vs. what's in it for you?

Contribution VS. Entitlement

Help others and the rest will follow.

Become active in organizations- Some brand /nice related. Some as needed by community

Service as a first and always step

"Help enough people get what they want and you naturally get what you want" Zig Ziglar

Principle of Abundance!

Abundance means for us that there is more than enough to go around.  When we practice that there is, time, fun, we leave out the feelings of scarcity and create abundance.  There is no competition.  Someone chooses you because you best fit them.  You do not beat someone out of a listing...You do not lose out to them.  You simply did not fit.  Find your fit in your branding!

Look for our Second strategy for Success next week and visit us at for more new agent information.

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