What to Look for in the Final Walk Through!

winnersThe time has finally come! You've looked at houses, found the perfect one made your offer and secured your mortgage, now it's time to sign the closing papers. There is one more step to do before the closing occurs, the final walk-through. This usually occurs 48 hours before the closing.

What should you look for? While you might be tempted to just enjoy looking at your new house and all its possibilities, you really need to be looking over the house. In your purchase and sale, there might have been a list of items staying with the house. Are they all present? Also, is everything else removed or at least ready to be moved? You don't want to be stuck with the seller's junk.

Were there some repairs to be made prior to closing? Have they been rectified and do they have receipts for the work? Also is there any new damage to the house made when the sellers were moving out? Any new water damage after the home inspection?

Also, check to make sure that everything is in working order. Check faucets, tubs, showers, windows, and the heating system. Turn on lights and go through the garage. It should be working as properly as at the home inspection.

If you do spot something wrong, talk to your realtor about it. They will most likely be at the walk-through with you. Now is the time to rectify the problem with the seller. They are eager to close as well.

Now you can attend the closing with peace of mind and all the excitement it deserves.

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