The Power of Google Drive!

agent rising with googleWhat is Google Drive and how can it make you a better agent? Well, Google Drive is a system to help you organize your paperwork and have it available on the Google Cloud and accessible from any of your devices at any time.

Paperless is the new catchword and Google Drive can help you achieve this. It goes hand in hand with GMail and is very easy to use. When you start your paperwork with a new client, whether it be a buyer or seller, you can open a new folder on your Google Drive with the address or client's name. As you fill out offers and contracts with your client, you can scan documents onto your computer and load them into this folder on your Drive. From there you can share the information with other parties, such as your office manager or the closing attorney. You can share the whole folder and as you download more documents into the folder they will be shared with the people you designate.

This is a great tool to keep you organized. These documents are available from any device you use, such as your smartphone or tablet and you will never have to worry that you don't have the correct document with you.

It also has the convenience of saving documents to your drive right from your email at the click of a button. You can then move this into the correct folder. It only takes two small clicks.

Keeping up with your paperwork becomes much easier if you load your paperwork onto your drive as you go along, instead of waiting until it piles up.

You can also download the Google Drive App onto your tablet or Smartphone.

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