Technology Fair at Greater New Bedford Association of Realtors a Big Success!

The Greater New Bedford Board of Realtors of New Bedford, MA held a Technology Fair yesterday, May 7th.  It was a very interesting and helpful day.  The day started with "Social Media Marketing Made Simple" followed by a class on "Ziplogix" by Doug Azarian.  Ziplogix is the free forms service endorsed by the Massachusetts Association of Realtors.  Doug took everyone through the ins and the outs of using this service.

This was followed by a Round Table Discussion with lunch provided.  Kate Lanagan MacGregor of Bold Welcome Center, which includes Bold Moves Real Estate, Agent Rising, Beyond Bold Media, and Destination Southcoast, took everyone through a lively discussion of the various Apps available on I-phones, Tablets, and I-phones which can help make the real estate job much easier and help you show how tech savvy you can be.

This was followed by a seminar on" RPR, Realtor's Property Resource" in the afternoon and the day concluded with a seminar on "Email and Database Marketing."  All in all, it was a very rich day full of useful information for all involved.

Please visit us at for more useful information to help you become tech savvy too.

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