Starting Your Career

imageYou have chosen to be a real estate professional. This is a career not a job. You will be successful in this career if you invest in yourself - your time, your energy, your focus and your money.

Your Time - the next three months are critical but a long term business perspective will bring you the most success - time spent now on lead generation will come back to you many times over in the future.

Your Energy - you need to believe in you and practice that belief every day. Take a look from the outside - are you excited and energized to be on the road to success? Do you "appear" ready to go?

Your Focus - make a plan for each day and work that plan. Review your progress each week and adjust if necessary. The details do make a difference - done well, they will lead to success.

Your Money - you need to spend some money now to make more money later. You need professional clothing and the technological tools of your profession. First impressions are important.

Invest in yourself, you are worth it!


Review your professional wardrobe - upgrade if necessary

Review your tech tools - at a minimum you need a smart phone - we recommend going as paperless as possible, by using an ipad or similar tool

Order business cards -with your photo and business contact information

Buy distinctive notecards - show your personality

Create a database of all of your friends, family, business and casual relationships - don't forget your electrician, plumber or dog walker.

Do something fun or rewarding every day to keep your energy up - a happy, healthy professional will be a successful professional!



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