What Makes You Special?

Agent RisingThere is something unique and special about everyone. Often that is what makes them memorable. In real estate, you want to be memorable. There is a very good chance that the buyer or seller you just closed a successful transaction with won't need your services again in the immediate future. It is important to think about how you can make sure they remember you, whether it is six months later to refer you to a friend, or 6 years later to find them a new home.
The relationship you develop with your client is key, your follow-up after the sale is important, but memorable marketing can make the difference. You need to stand out from the crowd. Maybe you are an avid sailor and can specialize in "smooth sailing" with your clients. Or, you own a classic car that will bring some "class" to your marketing materials. Or, you run a marathon every year for charity and pledge to "outrun the competition". If you got first place in the local pie-making competition, you can promise them a "blue ribbon" commitment to excellence. Whatever your distinction is, it can help you stay memorable in someone's mind.
Follow-up is always an important part of the business too. Keeping in touch with your clients after the transaction will keep you fresh in their minds also, whether it be an anniversary card on the date they moved into their new house, or a Christmas hello, or a pop-by gift. This will help them remember you when they may need your services again or a referral to a friend or family member.

Also a key ingredient to forming a lasting business relationship is treating them with respect and honesty and putting their needs first. This will certainly cement you in their mind.
Find your specialness and use it! Think about yourself and all your good qualities, or get your best friend to help if you find it difficult. You are special in many ways. Find that something unique and real about you that will make you memorable and use it!
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