What is the Relationship Between a Real Estate Agent and His or Her Broker?

marketingskillsA real estate agent is an independent contractor. Each agent is self employed and responsible for running his or her own real estate business. Some real estate agents seem to believe that they work for the broker. In fact, it is the real estate broker that should be working for the agent, not vice-versa! Agents basically outsource some key business items to their brokerage, such as certain marketing items, administration, escrow, legal and some lead generation. The relationship between and broker and agent is a business to business relationship, and it is therefore critical for agents to review the benefits of being associated with a broker every few years to make sure they are getting the most out of their business. Here are a few questions agents should think about when reviewing their brokerage relationships:

1. Am I getting what I need from the broker to run my business successfully (ie: business cards, marketing materials and leads capturing ability)?

2. Am I able to grow my business or am I restricted by my environment?

3. Do I have an equal opportunity to become a top producer in my firm, or does the broker “play favorites?”

4. Are my ideas to improve the brokerage taken seriously?

5. Does my broker adapt to changing technology and is the brokerage able to stay competitive in the current market?

A good Agent-Broker relationship is essential to your career. It should be a "Win, Win" situation for both.

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