Realtor Safety Tips!

officeReal Estate is a great career, but there are some sticky situations you might want to avoid to stay safe. Being aware of some safety tips will help you be a better realtor and keep you safe at all times.

Always meet a new client at the office rather than at the property. You will have a disclosure form for them to sign and you will want to get their personal information. This is more professional than signing papers outside on the hood of the car. Then you can make an appointment to see the property they are interested in after you have met them and have their information.

If you have any suspicions about the person, ask someone to go to the showing with you. You should never go alone especially if the house is isolated.

Always drive your own car and meet them at the property. Once there, park where your car is not blocked in. Take your cell phone and keys and lock your handbag in the trunk. Follow the client through the house, let them lead the way so you can keep an eye on them as you tour the house.

It is always preferable to host an Open House with a partner if at all possible. Make sure everyone signs in and let them tour the house while you stay near the door. Make sure you are aware of the location of the exits. Don't wear expensive jewelry and keep your cell phone and car keys with you at all times in case you need to make a quick exit. A good idea is to have the local police department on your phone and ready to dial in case of trouble.

Establish a method with your office or a contact person to relate an emergency situation with a "code word" in case you find yourself in trouble.

Enrolling in a self-defense course can be helpful too!

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