Up your Closing Potential!

thoughtsworldWhat can you do to up your game in 2014 and close on more properties?   There may be things you are overlooking which could help your business tremendously.

What is the message you convey to your clients and colleagues?  It may be hard to hear but having a trusted colleague evaluate your presentation you use with your clients may be worthwhile.  Are you confident and strong when you work with a new client?  You can always improve by practice.  Practice your pitch over and over again until you sound fluid and confident.  Videotape yourself and see how you can improve and then practice, practice, practice.  This way you "will" be confident when you are working with a new client.

Also, consider sending out a pre-listing or pre-buyers package via email once you have booked an appointment.  This will give them something to look over and discuss when you meet with them in person.  Include something that tells them a little bit about you and your philosophy.

Another idea is to consider including your mortgage broker and closing attorney in an item of value to send out to your neighborhoods.  It's a win-win situation for everyone and a way of sharing the costs of the mailing.

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