Open House Tips!


Open Houses are still an effective tool for selling a house! Here are a few tips to help you host a  successful Open House!

Make sure you post your Open House on MLS, Zillow, and any website or blog you have.  Also post on your Facebook Business page.

Advertise in your local papers also.

Make sure you have a sign-in sheet to keep track of your guests and also to track their names, and emails and phone numbers.  Better yet, use your ipad to register your guests.  There is an Open House App for that.

Set an unconventional time frame to lessen competition with other Open Houses.

Serve some homemade snacks individually wrapped and season appropriate drinks.  Hot chocolate or warm apple cider will warm up your guests on a cold winter day as well as provide great aromas.

Have some water bottles available, which also could have custom labels to advertise your business.

Make sure you put up plenty of signs at all the crossroads leading to the house as well as in front.  Also put up an Open House rider on your sign a week before the Open House.

Invite a mortgage broker to put together a flyer with their rates and also to attend the Open House with you.

Create a slide show to play of the house during the Open House, especially if it is wintertime and you have some good summer pictures when a pool is open, or the summer furniture is out and inviting.

A week before the Open House, create a postcard with pictures of the house and your info. as well as details of the Open House to send out to all the surrounding neighbors.

Most of all be the good hostess or host buyers are hoping to meet.  Show them around but also give them some time to wander through alone, and be prepared to answer their questions.  Have copies of the plot plan and field card available to help inform the buyers and any other pertinent information to help them make their decision.

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