What is Destination Southcoast?

destination southcoast logoWhat is Destination Southcoast? Destination Southcoast was created by Beyond Bold Media as a method of getting your reviews on multiple sites so that people can find them on the web when they are looking. They offer a free directory and then offer opportunities for you to get your message out there depending on what your budget is and what your needs are.

Why is this important? Online reviews are part of reputation management and online reviews are driving the buying decisions of our consumers today. Statistics show that a consumer trusts a review online as much as they trust a referral or recommendation from a trusted friend Lots of people are commenting, liking , reviewing, friending and yelping in cyberspace.

Reputation marketing is a combination of reputation management and branding. By taking action to stimulate reviews for your business, you can influence your reputation for the positive. You can market your reputation online and get the benefits of those reviews while making sure that it's the message you want to portray, and also getting your reviews and business found on Google.

In business, it's critical to know what people are thinking and saying about you. Destination Sothcoast has created Lottie the LoveBug. Lottie comes from love and tell. She wants people to love your business and tell people about it. Positive thoughts and positive reviews. Lottie the LoveBug can help you actively seek positive reviews and then take them into Destination South Coast to plaster those reviews all over the place.

The launch will take place April 8th. Stay tuned, more details to follow! For more ideas visit us at www.agentrising.com

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