How to Boost House Value!

buyerrelationshipHousing values may be on the rise, but what investments can boost the value in your house without draining your pocketbook unnecessarily?

First of all, try to create the feeling of space. Knocking out a non-structual wall or removing an island can create more of an open space that buyers are looking for. Buyers are looking for wide, open floor plans with less wall space.

Another small investment which yields large returns, is landscaping. Simply cutting grass, trimming hedges and trees, and cleaning up perennial beds can make a huge difference in the look of the property.

Go back to basics and work on maintenance fixes such as plumbing leaks or rusty rain gutters. This could go a long way to attract buyers.

Don't overlook the front door. This is the first thing your buyers will see. A fresh coat of paint or a new overhang could make a large difference.

Tune up the bathroom. You may not have a lot of money for upgrades but small things go a long way. Replace frosted glass with clear glass, clean the grout, remove rust stains, fresh caulk, new faucets and knobs, or even a new toilet seat make your bathroom look fresh and clean.

Paint goes a long way, and is cheap to do. Stick to neutral colors and don't forget dingy ceilings.

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