Watching Your P's and Q's Literally in Real Estate

agent rising represents mattapoisett waterfrontIt may not seem true in this day and age with spell check and auto correct, but spelling and grammar are  important on real estate listings.  Buyers may choose to simply not use you because of bad spelling or grammar.  It definitely does not look professional and you are doing a disservice to your sellers if you are not checking your listings for mistakes.   Another ploy that buyers find annoying is using too many exclamation points or all capitals.  You want your listing to stand out but for its content rather than its eye-catching punctuation.

While professional photos are important, buyers also said the description of the property plays a big part in whether they request a showing.Home descriptions of about 50 words seems to be the optimal length, and have more of an impact in getting the house sold quicker and at a higher price.   Try to be as accurate as you possibly can, and don't promise things like hardwood floors, when you don't know what is actually under the carpet.  Honesty is always best when you're not sure or better yet pull up a little of the carpeting and check.  Buyers will hold you to what you write in your description, even though there is a disclaimer that listings may not be completely accurate.

Also, try not to use too many abbreviations.  We may know what we are talking about but new buyers won't and that will simply frustrate and confuse them.  Reading over your listing before you post will save time and confusion in the end and make you look like the professional that you are.

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