Making Clients Feel Important!

agent rising blogYour clients are the mainstay of your business.  Developing lasting relationships and satisfactory transactions are where your referrals come from.  Technology is an important and necessary part of your real estate tools.  You are able to get your job done faster and more efficiently when you have the technology you need to make it happen, such as your i-pad, i-phone and apps to do paperless transactions and get you noticed on the web.

The important piece of your business is to use your people skills and technology appropriately  with different clients.  Young house sellers and buyers are very technology savvy, and this is where your web presence is important.  They are going to start  looking for a house or a real estate agent on the web and your presence on search engines is what will get you noticed and busy with their business.  This means you want to have a website you are blogging on to keep you on page 1 of their Google search.

You also don't want to ignore the importance of your transactions and helping people reach their real estate goals, whether buying or selling a house.  This is the reason you are a real estate agent.  Forming a good relationship with your clients and doing a great job on their transactions will help you get the referrals you need  to keep your business going.  When you truly care about what your clients are looking for and help them get there with no thought of   "what is in it for me" will build your business and your clientele.

This means you may have clients who are not internet savvy at all and may not even be able to receive documents by email.   You need to change your gears and tailor your strategy to them.  This would include more phone calls and meetings face to face to get the job done.  Also, handwritten thank you notes are always a nice touch in every situation.

Tailoring your style to every client is what keeps them coming back and referring their friends.  This shows them you truly care about their situation.

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