Google + is the Way to Go!

googleAs a real estate agent, we know that marketing is a big part of the business.  How can you sell a house if no one sees it.  This is where social media marketing comes in .  Most consumers start their search online and you want them to find you.  A good  website that you blog on regularly is a crucial part of your success as an agent, but where do you share your posts?  Google +, Facebook, Pinterest , Twitter are all great  and you can post on all, but Google + should definitely be your first stop.

Facebook's largest audience is 25-34 and mostly female.  Google + users are 45-54 and mostly males, so if you use both, you are hitting a wide audience, but there are some reasons you want to consider Google +  as your primary.

When you post something to Google Plus, it shows up almost instantly, because Google will index anything posted quickly.  Your rank will be higher.  Also, when people click and share your links, Google will bump you up even more.  If you support Google by using Google Plus, it gives your posts a little boost.

You can also have your picture with your posts if you have a Google Plus profile.  This gives a face with a post which makes you seem a little more human.

Posting once a day keeps you fresh in the Google mind  and the people you are connecting with.  They will share your posts and you in turn can share theirs.  It builds relationships and keeps everyone connected and boosts you up the Google Search page.

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